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The Sortile

The Sortile device identifies the material composition of textiles boosting your sorting process. Using NIR technology and AI, our table top device is designed to be easily integrated to your facility.

How it works?

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Key Features

  • Fast: identify the fiber composition of items in less than 2 sec.

  • Materials: Cotton, Polyester, Poly-Cotton Blends, Man Made Cellulosic Fibers, Wool, Acrylic, Silk.

  • Accurate: meets chemical and mechanical recyclers requirements for fiber-to-fiber recycling.

  • Insightful: gather insights on fiber composition, color, traceability and impact through the Sortile Software

Contact us to learn more about Sortile's device and how it can be integrated to your processes! 


The Sortile


Data Analytics

Our Sortile software allows you to analyze all your material data in one place. You can view data both for sorting and research applications including volumes, productivity metrics, material breakdown and much more.


Third Party Integration

We are able to integrate data from other material identifying hardware. Did you choose not to use a Sortile Device for your material identification needs? Or do you have multiple different hardware types in your facility? Our software is able to aggregate data from all those sources to show you a comprehensive picture of your company.


Impact Reporting

Do you work with a company that wants the data on their take back programs or are you an organization that wants more transparency on what happens to what you are collecting? The Sortile software is able to integrate with sorting facilities enterprise software as well as their material identification data to provide a comprehensive impact report for brands and other institutions. Interested in GhG emissions reduction estimates? We use the EPA WARM model to estimate the impact behind your diversion efforts.



Would you like to share your data with government institutions, regulators or non-profit groups working in circularity? The Sortile Software allows you to share your data in a safe an easy way.

Contact us to learn more about Sortile's software can help you in your journey towards circularity!

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